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Angular Developer (Indian Institute of Internship)

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Regus - Kolkata, RDB Boulevard, BP Block, Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Job Type

Online or Virtual or Physical

About the Role

1.BE/B.Tech , BCA , MCA , BBA , MBA Regular Students from Any Recognized University
2.Minimum Class 10 & 12 - 50% Marks
3.Core Concept of Respective Subject
4.Bring Your Previous Project to Show Case Your Technical Expertise.

Need to Work on Real Life Project ; Official Letter of Appointment & Recommendation will be Issued to Each Applicant.


Module 1: Introduction to Angular

Overview of Angular framework

Setting up the development environment

Angular CLI basics

Building and running a simple Angular application

Module 2: Components and Templates

Understanding components in Angular

Creating and using components

Data binding: Interpolation, property binding, event binding

Template syntax and directives

Component lifecycle hooks

Module 3: Services and Dependency Injection

Introduction to services in Angular

Creating and using services

Dependency Injection (DI) in Angular

Injecting services into components

Singleton and hierarchical injectors

Module 4: Routing and Navigation

Angular router fundamentals

Setting up routes and navigation

Route parameters and query parameters

Route guards for authentication and authorization

Lazy loading modules

Module 5: Forms and Validation

Template-driven forms

Reactive forms and form controls

Form validation and error handling

Custom validators

Handling form submissions

Module 6: HTTP Communication

Making HTTP requests with Angular's HttpClient

GET, POST, PUT, DELETE operations

Error handling and retries

Interceptors for request/response modification

Mocking HTTP requests for testing

Module 7: State Management with NgRx

Introduction to NgRx

Store, Actions, and Reducers

Managing application state with NgRx

Effects for handling side effects

Selectors and memoized selectors

Module 8: Advanced Topics

Angular animations and transitions

Internationalization (i18n) and localization

Unit testing Angular components and services

Performance optimization techniques

Deployment and production builds

Module 9: Project Work

Building a real-world Angular application

Applying concepts learned throughout the course

Best practices in structuring and organizing the project

Collaborative development using version control (e.g., Git)

About the Company

The Indian Institute of Internship (III) is the premier Indian platform for students to gain real-world experience in their chosen field. We offer an extensive range of internship opportunities for engineering, BCA, and MCA students across India. Official Registered Under Government of West Bengal with Registration Number:190200658 In the Year of 2022 By the Registrar of Assurance II Government of West Bengal. Run & Managed By: National Institute for Industrial Training (

At III, we are committed to helping students bridge the gap between education and the workplace. Our internship programs are designed to equip students with the skills and experience they need to make a successful transition into the professional world.

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