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AI Engineer (Indian Institute of Internship )

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Regus - Kolkata, RDB Boulevard, BP Block, Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Job Type

Virtual or Online or Physcial

About the Role

1.BE/B.Tech , BCA , MCA , BBA , MBA Regular Students from Any Recognized University
2.Minimum Class 10 & 12 - 50% Marks
3.Core Concept of Respective Subject
4.Bring Your Previous Project to Show Case Your Technical Expertise.

Need to Work on Real Life Project ; Official Letter of Appointment & Recommendation will be Issued to Each Applicant.


Module 1: Introduction to AI

Overview of AI and its applications

History and evolution of AI

Types of AI: Narrow AI vs. General AI

Ethical considerations in AI development

Module 2: Machine Learning Fundamentals

Introduction to machine learning

Supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning

Feature selection and engineering

Model evaluation and validation techniques

Overfitting, underfitting, and regularization

Module 3: Supervised Learning Algorithms

Linear regression

Logistic regression

Decision trees and random forests

Support vector machines

Neural networks and deep learning

Module 4: Unsupervised Learning Algorithms

Clustering algorithms (K-means, hierarchical clustering)

Dimensionality reduction techniques (PCA, t-SNE)

Anomaly detection methods

Association rule learning (Apriori algorithm)

Generative models (e.g., Gaussian Mixture Models)

Module 5: Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Introduction to NLP

Text preprocessing techniques

Bag-of-words and TF-IDF representations

Sentiment analysis

Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Part-of-Speech (POS) tagging

Module 6: Deep Learning

Introduction to neural networks

Feedforward neural networks

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)

Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)

Transfer learning and pre-trained models

Module 7: Reinforcement Learning

Introduction to reinforcement learning

Markov Decision Processes (MDPs)

Q-learning and value iteration algorithms

Deep Q-Networks (DQNs)

Policy gradients and actor-critic methods

Module 8: AI Ethics and Responsible AI

Bias and fairness in AI algorithms

Privacy and data protection considerations

Transparency and interpretability in AI models

Human-AI collaboration and augmentation

AI governance and regulations

Module 9: AI Applications

Computer vision and image recognition

Natural language processing and chatbots

Recommender systems

Autonomous vehicles and robotics

AI in healthcare and finance

Module 10: Future of AI

Cutting-edge AI research and trends

AI in industry and business transformation

AI and societal impact

Exploring emerging AI technologies (e.g., GANs, Transformers)

Career opportunities and further learning paths in AI

About the Company

The Indian Institute of Internship (III) is the premier Indian platform for students to gain real-world experience in their chosen field. We offer an extensive range of internship opportunities for engineering, BCA, and MCA students across India. Official Registered Under Government of West Bengal with Registration Number:190200658 In the Year of 2022 By the Registrar of Assurance II Government of West Bengal. Run & Managed By: National Institute for Industrial Training.

At III, we are committed to helping students bridge the gap between education and the workplace. Our internship programs are designed to equip students with the skills and experience they need to make a successful transition into the professional world.

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